Expansion Idea: Chronal Convergence [*Possible Spoilers*]

Chronal Convergence

In the hope of breaking up some of the edge lord negativity on these forums, I made my idea for a “time travel” expansion that attempts to tie-up a lot of loose plot threads in Warcraft’s lifespan into a cohesive story that takes place after the main events of Battle for Azeroth, and before what I imagined would likely be WoW’s final expansion (dealing with the greatest cosmic threats like the Void Lords and a freed Sargeras). I don’t have any skills with computer graphic art, so I don’t have any pretty maps or concept art to show, but I’ll throw in some related imagery of the mentioned story/content to give some visuals to break up the text. I’ll also provide some Wowpedia links for reference. I figured the Lore forum would be the best place to share my ideas, and this post mostly focuses around the overarching story and not so much game systems. I provided a LOT of background, so bear with me.

Okay, here we go!


  • Near the end of BfA’s story, Azeroth’s world-soul has been severely crippled between the damage inflicted by Sargeras’ sword Gorribal and N’Zoth’s consumption of her spirit energy to weaken/break his prison-bonds. Returning from the library of Karazhan, Khadgar greets the world’s heroes and offers to provide a solution to heal the world-soul. Curiously, he wasn’t alone. Accompanying Khadgar was his old mentor Medivh, who had returned from the Twisting Nether following his departure near the beginning of the Burning Legion’s third invasion.


  • Medivh explained to Azeroth’s denizens that he had foreseen the true End Time of the universe (like Murozond had), and had been traversing the Twisting Nether and its connection to the infinite timeways, seeking a way to avert said crisis. On Khadgar’s possession was the shard of the Vision of Time Gul’dan possessed from Draenor, which coincidentally was the same shard that had impaled Kairozdormu by the hands of Garrosh Hellscream. Kairozdormu’s astral spirit was bound to this shard, and it allowed him to peer into the infinite timeways without a restriction of a corporeal form. Medivh had already been in communication with Kairoz when he came across his astral spirit in the Twisting Nether and learned of the bronze dragon’s intentions of creating an infinite army to combat the Burning Legion. Medivh saw merit in Kairoz’s goals but thought the idea could be improved and expanded upon without harming the fabric of the prime timeline.


  • Although the Burning Crusade had finally ended with most of the Legion’s leadership killed (save Sargeras who was guarded and imprisoned by Illidan and the Pantheon) and their means for unlimited and unrestricted regeneration/reconstitution/resurrection gone with Argus’ death, the demons were still a threat if reorganized by someone stepping into the power vacuum left by Sargeras. Medivh felt that the mortals of Azeroth were at a disadvantage going up against the machinations of the Old Gods and their Void Lord masters, especially since they were able to see all possible futures and manipulate events at a cosmic scale to push the prime timeline towards a path that would spell the end of the universe as they knew it. Seeing their goals aligning, the bronze dragon and former Guardian of Tirisfal returned to Azeroth to put into motion some drastic measures to avert the true End Time Murozond had foreseen.


  • Medivh was already aware of the Infinite Dragonflight from his encounter with them when he opened the Dark Portal for the Horde in the first war as well as his astral travels. When he learned from Kairoz that they were leaderless following the death of the maddened Murozond, he saw potential allies that could assist in taking back command of the threads of time from the forces of darkness. Medivh’s first priority was to heal the damage to Azeroth from the aftermath of the Blood War. He needed the rest of the shards of the Vision of Time as well as some other powerful magical artifacts. Khadgar had retrieved the Book of Medivh and the Eye of Dalaran alongside the Vision of Time shard from Gul’dan’s possession when Illidan killed him in Suramar. Medivh sent for adventurers to request for the attendance of the former dragon Aspects as well as some items on their person: from Kalecgos in Dalaran the Focusing Iris, the Hourglass of Time from Nozdormu at the Bronze Dragonshrine, as well as Chronormu at Wyrmrest Temple for the remaining shards of the Vision of Time along with Alexstrasza. Khadgar gave the adventurers Gul’dan’s Vision of Time shard to give to Chronormu before they left. Chromie had already retrieved back the shard that was given to Eitrigg by Anachronos, but for some reason when adventurers sought her out at Wyrmrest Temple, she had just been under attack by various forces both in the Dragonblight and in the past who were trying to kill her under the command of “the Master.” Medivh had also requested for the heroes to seek the assistance from Wrathion, who happened to be visiting the Obsidian Dragonshrine. He had a portion of Aman’thul’s soul, which Medivh insisted was necessary for his plans to truly work.


  • With news of this time-spanning unified force under this mysterious Master, Medivh alerted the heroes that his actions were also being monitored by the Void Lords, who found out he was working against them and were likely trying to sabotage any of his efforts to foil their plans. He went on to inform the heroes that his intention was to two-fold: converge Azeroth of the prime timeline with a version of itself in an alternate timeline where either the world had an uncorrupted/undamaged world-soul or an Azeroth that didn’t have a world-soul and instead had a lot of spirit energy that could be used to heal the world-soul; speed up the healing of the world-soul as well as the structuring process of the titan’s form with Forge of Wills, Forge of Origination, and the Engine of Nalak’sha by using advanced chonomancy. Medivh said it was imperative that the final titan to be born sooner rather than later since he foresaw the Void Lords were accelerating their plans to bring about the true End Time where they were able consume the universe unopposed and turn it into a realm of endless torment and entropy.


  • The last step of preparation sent adventurers and dragons to Ulduar to convene with the all the world’s remaining Keepers and Algalon to inform them of Medivh’s plans and get their blessing and assistance. The Keepers had all convened to discuss a recent assault on Uldir. MOTHER had contacted the Keepers to let them know that some dark force had breached Uldir’s defenses to some nefarious end that they weren’t clear of yet. Already being on high alert from this recent development and wanting to make sure the world engines throughout Azeroth were preserved, the Keepers were reluctant to give their blessing. They discussed the potential consequences of the Chronal Convergence and the logistics of making sure the planet’s systems were completely intact after the ritual was finished. Odyn was not pleased by the presence of the former Aspects and was most vehemently against the plan. However, Ra-den reminded him that the Aspects had fulfilled their function of averting the Hour of Twilight that would have brought the final cataclysm to consume the world in darkness, pointing out their obvious wisdom and experience. After some further deliberation, all of the Keepers ultimately decided that they would assist the mortals in this advantageous and ambitious endeavor. The Keepers all assisted Ra-den in connecting the magic that created the Elemental Plane and the Emerald Dream to the Vision of Time shards. Freya instructed the adventurers to accompany Chromie into the Emerald Dream to get the spirit of Ysera’s blessing and assistance from within the realm to sync up with her sister Alexstrasza when the ritual commenced. They also had Chromie and the adventurers go to the various titan-forged facilities around Azeroth. First, they went to Uldir to investigate the break-in and had made a shocking discovery that while G’huun’s corruption had been completely purged from the facility, the small portion of the Old God’s corpse that was quarantined and being studied by MOTHER was mysteriously absent. Afterwards, the adventurers went to the three world engines to attune the Vision of Time shards to each of them so they could draw upon the same magic as the Timeless Isle, which was coincidentally close to the Engine of Nalak’sha and their last stop before going back to the Caverns of Time to begin the ritual. The August Celestials helped Chromie make the connection to the the island where the Vision of Time was originally created for the final attunement.


  • The strange thing was that in every place the adventurers went, there were Twilight’s Hammer cultists and void creatures pursuing them to stop every attunement connection. It was like they knew every place Chronormu would be, just like with her assassination attempt. With all of the requested items, Medivh and the heroes convened at the Sand Clock in the Caverns of Time to be greeted and assisted by Anachronos and Soridormi. Medivh stressed to the adventurers that it was imperative that they complete the ritual as soon as possible, as the Void Lord’s forces were ramping up their disruption efforts and had foresight on what Medivh was doing. Dalaran relocated itself over the Caverns of Time at the request of Khadgar. Medivh, along with the other members of the Kirin Tor as well as the dragon Aspects and the rest of the bronze and infinite dragons, began the ritual to use chronomancy to manipulate the leylines of Azeroth from the Violet Citadel to the planet’s three most potent apexes: Karazhan, the Nightwell, and the Nexus. Kairozdormu acted as the focal center of the ritual, being the avatar of the Vision of Time similar to how Anveena was the avatar of the Sunwell.

  • However, before the ritual reached its completion, it was interrupted and manipulated by Xal’atath, who came into the Caverns of Time mounted on top of Goriona, along with the rest of the accompanying twilight dragonflight and the remnants of the Twilight’s Hammer cult. In her hand was the Glaive of the Aspects, given to her by the surviving dreadlords led by Mal’ganas, who had kept the reforged artifact when it was given back to the Burning Legion by Kruul before his demise. Before the power of an Old God wielding powers they once had, the Aspects soon found they were overwhelmed by this force. Xal’atath explained that she was “the Master” that had coordinated the time-spanning unified force that had tried to kill Chronormu. Xal’atah had foreseen that the Vision of Time shards in Chromie’s possession would be used to help heal and repair the final titan, so she had gathered the forces of the Burning Legion, Scourge, and Void Lords to put a stop to that possible future. Xal’atath was also behind the recent attack on Uldir and subsequent disappearance of G’huun’s corpse. Apparently she had used her immense power over the void to consume the artificial Old God’s essence to add to her own considerable power.


  • Once Xal’atath realized that it was unavoidable to prevent the Chronal Convergence, she decided that she would tamper with the ritual to work in her favor. The dreadlords had kept the Glaive of the Aspects in safekeeping to use at a time against Azeroth if the Legion’s 3rd full-scale invasion had failed. Xal’atath remembered the nathrezim’s old allegiances to the Void Lords and once she was freed from the dagger, she had presented them an opportunity to act as her generals of the demons as a part of a unified Black Empire that spanned the Great Dark. Mal’ganas was the highest ranking dreadlord among the ranks of the nathrezim that hadn’t been slain during the third Burning Legion invasion, and he hadn’t forgotten his promise of vengeance against both the mortals who foiled his plans in Northrend, as well as the Lich King. Xal’atath promised she could appoint him as the new Lord of the nathrezim to replace Tichondrius in her new Black Empire and give him an opportunity to enact his revenge on the denizens of Azeroth. Mal’ganas informed the liberated Old God that he sensed one of his brothers, Kathra’natir, was imprisoned in the Violet Citadel up above. With that discovery, she used the dreadlord’s connection to the Violet Citadel’s tallest spire to help manipulate the chronomany ritual. To that end, Xal’atath assaulted Kairozdormu with the Glaive of the Aspects and searched the timeways for an Azeroth that had a functioning Black Empire under her control as an Old God in her original form: Shul-Nagruth.


  • Coincidentally, the Vision of Time already had a strong permanent connection to an alternate timeline that Kairozdormu had visited before, and on Azeroth in that timeline Shul-Nagruth had consumed her brothers to become the last Old God on Azeroth. Xal’atath channeled her power from the Glaive into Kairoz to manipulate the spellwork, but Soridormi attacked Xal’atath to stop her from tampering with the Chronal Convergence. Unfortunately, Soridormi was overwhelmed by feedback from the Glaive and when Kairozdormu tried to intervene to save her, the feedback had killed the bronze dragon consort before he could help in time. This had been a vision of a possible future he had seen from his studies on the Timeless Isle, and he had been concerned that he was going to be the one to fell his former matriarch and had resolved to redeem himself from his past actions at the trial of Garrosh Hellscream.

  • The spellwork came to completion, and the Chronal convergence had concluded. In this timeline, all of the Old Gods that we were familiar with that had come across this alternate Azeroth were consumed by their 5th sister, Shul-Nagruth. In the prime timeline, Shul-Nagruth was consumed by Y’Shaarj in the beginning of their parasitic invasion of Azeroth. Shul-Nagruth had a temple named K’tanth in an area on Kalimdor that would eventually be called Thal’dranath by the Kaldorei, and subsequently the Broken Shore today. After Shul-Nagruth fell in battle, her followers took a large portion of her remains to this temple where they had intended to use a powerful, dark tome she instructed them to create before her demise called the Necronomicon, which could be used to revive her if she was ever slain by her brothers. Sensing the powerful magics emanating from K’tanth, both N’Zoth and Y’Shaarj went to battle over her remains at the temple. N’Zoth lost this battle, and Y’Shaarj consumed her remains. The Necronomicon was lost, either destroyed by the colliding magics of the Old Gods, or consumed along with Shul-Nagruth’s remains in Y’Shaarj’s ravenous frenzy. Because Y’Shaarj consumed Shul-Nagruth’s remains, he became the most powerful of the Old Gods, which made him the primary target of the Pantheon and their titan-forged armies. He was killed instead of N’Zoth by Aman’thul, so this is why the Battle for K’tanth ultimately worked out in N’Zoth’s favor in the end. Eventually, the titan-forged used the what was left of the scattered remains of Shul-Nagruth to create G’huun, which eventually resulted in calamity. If Shul-Nagruth existed in this alternate timeline, perhaps the Necronomicon was still intact. With this book, Xal’atath would truly be unlimited in the number and severity of horrors she could unleash upon the cosmos, let alone Azeroth.

*SIDE NOTE* Recently there was some data-mined dialogue from N’Zoth where he stated “Six seats at the high table. Six mouths that hunger. One will consume all the others.” Now, this can be speculated that he’s referring to the 6 cosmic forces of the cosmic chart that we saw in Chroncle: Volume One. The OTHER speculation that I’m running with is that N’Zoth is referring to the 6 Old Gods that have been on Azeroth, which would also include G’huun and Xal’atath/Shul-Nagruth. With Xal’atath consuming the remains of G’huun in our prime timeline and her intending to meet up with her counterpart Shul-Nagruth, who had consumed the other 4 Old Gods in the alternate timeline, it would fulfill this “prophesy” that N’Zoth recently envisioned. Just some head-canon tinfoil hat speculation. Who knows? 😛


  • Sensing that the convergence had been altered, Kairozdormu could feel this AU Azeroth having only a single smaller continent. To prevent any kind of calamity, the bronze dragon was able to alter the Chronal Convergence by replacing the axis of world on the opposite side. By doing this the continent would instead manifest in between the Veiled Sea and Forbidding Sea where there were temporal anomalies coincidentally similar to the ones on the Timeless Isle. Xal’atath immediately left the Caverns of Time to meet herself on this new continent known as Azrador, but the dragonflights were in quick pursuit of this Old God menace. Medivh reached out to the Keepers to inform them of the unfortunate outcome, but they were already aware of what had transpired. Sensing the largest Old God that they have ever encountered, they decided it was time to call upon all the children of the makers and rally the titan-forged armies to address this threat. Xal’atath had already accrued other allies along the way. The remnants of the Druids of the Flame weren’t welcome in the Firelands, but their Prophet of the Flame quickly found them a home with the Old God. The remnants of the Necrodark drogbar tribe, Ordon yaungol, saurok tribes, gnolls, kobolds, centaur, satyr, quillboar, troggs, ettin, pygmies, and magnataur were all “mongrels” that Xal’atath had her Twilight’s Hammer cultists indoctrinate after she was freed from the dagger. Each race would take an “Oath of Aphotic Cinder” to be re-forged into a being imbued with a Spark of Shadowflame and take their place among the ranks of the Twilight’s Hammer, which Xal’atath had renamed the Twilight’s Glaive in respect of the new weapon she now wielded. Seemingly, there was nothing that was going to stop the Old God from reaching her goal of retrieving the Necronomicon. Adventurers then returned back to their respective factions to rally their armies to set sail to this new mysterious continent.



Continent: Azrador

Historical Background Lore:

  • In this alternate timeline, Aggramar came across Azeroth and saw that the Elemental Lords of this world were doing battle with each other for the amusement of the most powerful Old God he had ever seen, all while she was corrupting the nascent world-soul inside of the planet. Not content to allow such a being to ever influence any other world in the cosmos, especially a planet with a world-soul, Aggramar brought back the Pantheon and they created the titan-forged to battle the Elemental Lords and their Old God master. Unfortunately, the events in this timeline went very differently than in the prime timeline. While the titan-forged were successful in vanquishing the Elemental Lords and sealing them in the Elemental Plane, they were not successful in killing Shul-Nagruth. In the beginning of the conflict, when the titans tried to remove the massive Old God from her connection to the world-soul, it severely damaged Azeroth. Instead, the titans imprisoned Shul-Nagruth in a massive underground complex to be studied by the titan-forged. The titans left the planet to the Keepers who went to work to start terraforming the world. Unknown to the titan-forged, the n’raqi and aqir forces under the Old God had retreated underground along with the Necronomicon. They used the tome to free Shul-Nagruth from her bonds and an all out war started again. The Old God unleashed a powerful Curse of Flesh (more potent than the one experienced in the prime timeline) upon the titan-forged and succeeded in corrupting all of the Keepers empowered by the Pantheon except for Loken, Tyr, and Archaedas. The few remaining Keepers and other titan-forged in their city of Uldaeron desperately used their world-engine to modify their bodies as well as make new titan-forged that were resilient to the Curse of Flesh called the azotha, named after the world-soul Azeroth. The azotha had metallic forms that hummed with Arcane, Holy, and Elemental power of their respective Keepers, and proved to be resilient and effective against the n’raqi, aqir, and corrupted titan-forged armies.


  • Although the azotha turned the tides of battle in favor of the titan-forged, the corrupted Ra-den, Odyn, Freya, Mimiron, Hodir, and Thorim were successful in dismantling the safeguards on the Chamber of the Heart that protected the world-soul. This allowed Shul-Nagruth to access Azeroth and corrupt the nascent titan uninhibited. Unable to stop the Old God, Loken, Tyr, and Archaedas realized that the only thing left they could do was kill the world-soul to prevent it from becoming a Void titan. First, they sabotaged the world-engine from inside Uldaeron. Afterwards, upon the advice given by the titan-forged named Helya, they then flooded the world-engine with energy from the Elemental Plane, using all of the power they could muster that was given to them by their titan creators. The world-engine exploded, killing the world-soul and all of the corrupted Keepers inside the Chamber of the Heart, which sundered the majority of the continent of Kalimdor that Uldaeron resided on. Radiating from the planet’s core was a flood of elemental energy, including the world-soul’s immense spirit energy, as well as the magic of the Emerald Dream realm. To prevent the world from completely breaking apart, Helya worked a massive spell synergizing all the power of the Keepers and azotha to funnel the explosion of magical energies back into the Elemental Plane and sealed it shut.


  • Azeroth didn’t break apart, but its world-soul was lost forever. The Keepers, saddened that they failed the Pantheon in preserving Azeroth’s world-soul felt lost and without purpose. To honor the titan they failed to protect, the Keepers and azotha renamed what was left of the continent Azrador, “Land of Eternal Spirit.” With no world-soul to feed on, Shul-Nagruth went into a violent frenzy, unleashing her armies on the titan-forged with unending fury. The Old God was aware that the elemental spirit energy of the world-soul was locked in the Elemental Plane by the Keepers, so she planned on having her greatest acolytes to use the Necronomicon to open a tear into the Elemental Plane to consume the rest of the deceased titan’s massive spirit energy. The Keepers could not prevent the tear from opening, so they had to think of a creative solution to prevent the Old God from devouring all the spirit energy and potentially become a threat that not even the Pantheon could stop. When Algalon informed the Keepers that the titans were not responding back to their messages about the world-soul or their current predicament, the Keepers started to panic. Algalon suggested that they reconfigure the reorgination devices in their still functioning forges to siphon the energies of the Elemental Plane into said forges. This would not only prevent Shul-Nagruth from devouring the Elemental Plane’s magic, but also allow the titan-forged to have near-unlimited power to forge armies and structures while also still terraforming the world.

  • So while the azotha armies held off the hordes of n’raqi and aqir, the Keepers and Algalon went to work on the conversion of the entire Elemental Plane by re-configuring the reorigination devices in the Celestial Forges and using their powers to siphon the amalgamation of magics, from both the Elementals as well as the spirit energy of the world-soul, including its Emerald Dream. Algalon, feeling a renewed purpose and wanting to ensure their success in the conversion, decided to integrate his entire form into the Celestial Forge and act as its operating system administrator to monitor and focus the transfer of the Elemental Plane from inside the forges. When they finished, Shul-Nagruth was aware of what had been done through her connection to the Necronomicon. For thousands of years she made it her mission to devour the Celestial Forges and take revenge on the titan-forged. Loken, the new Prime Highkeeper instructed Helya, now among the ranks of the Keepers as the exalted Spiritbinder of the titan-forged, to work with Algalon to continue making azotha whenever they fell in battle and their spirits returned to the Celestial Forges. Spiritbinder Helya also forged new bodies from the native proto-dragons as well as new titan-forged golems from the spirits of elementals. Loken also instructed Tyr to train and command the titan-forged armies, Archaedas to rebuild and fortify the damaged structures both underneath and within Uldaeron from the Celestial Forges, while the Prime Highkeeper himself would oversee the terraforming of Azrador.

  • Between the influence of Shul-Nagruth’s connection to the planet and the terraforming of the Celestial Forges, new flora and fauna started to emerge around Azrador. The Old God and titan-forged armies continued to wage war on each other. From the ruins of Shul-Nagruth’s prison, the aqir built a massive city called Azj’Aqir around the massive Old God, ruled by Empress Azhuul’Mehab. In Uldaeron, the Azotha started forming a society of their own. Azotha who wielded the Holy Light and served under Tyr in the Templar Clan were ruled by an azotha named God-King Arthas. Azotha that wielded the Arcane and served under Loken in the Erudite Clan were ruled by an azotha named Magna Aegwynn. Azotha that wielded the elements, including spirit and nature magic under Archaedas in the Drust Clan were ruled by an azotha named Grand Animancer Gorak Tul. Together, they carried out the will of the Keepers and lead the Azotha people to find their own purpose in the cosmos. Prime Highkeeper Loken, not content with forgetting their original purpose, kept trying to find ways to see if they could somehow create an artificial world-soul using the Celestial Forges. Forgemaster Algalon used his expanded powers in the Celestial Forges to search the cosmos to see if he could find the Pantheon to get their assistance, but sadly could never find them. The titan-forged became hardened and distrusting to outsiders in their solitude, but would soon find their world turned sideways from the threads of the fabric of time…



Faction Races:


Starting Zones – [Gorgrond 1-10] and [Farahlon 10-20]


Starting Zones – [Spires of Arak 1-10] and [Farahlon 10-20]

Background and Starting Experience Story:

  • Coincidentally, Azeroth wasn’t the only world affected by the Chronal Convergence. Because AU Draenor still had a strong permanent link to the prime timeline with its connection via the Vision of Time, when AU Azeroth of that timeline merged to the Prime Azeroth, the same happened with AU Draenor and the Outlands of the prime timeline as well. Here is the story leading up to the Chronal Convergence:
  • Following the Legion invasion on AU Draenor, the Order of the Awakened soon gained acceptance and companionship with the arakkoa Outcasts by proving their intentions through their merits. Together they sought to rebuild the Apexis civilization, seeking to bring a new dawn to their newly combined race. When Xe’ra came to AU Draenor, the Light-wielding arakkoa were initially intrigued by the promises of the naaru. However, when the arakkoa approached the Light Mother to see what the naaru came to offer their people, Xe’ra commanded the children of the Apexis to abandon their use of Void magic or become an enemy of the Lightbound. Having finally achieved unification within their own people and cherishing that newly formed bond, the Light-wielding arakkoa felt their racial identity being based on a balance and acceptance of diversity was more important than unyielding fealty to this alien deity to the draenei. When the arakkoa rejected Xe’ra’s offer of planetary unification under the loyalty and obedience to her, the Lightbound attacked Arak. Backed into a corner by the Lightbound forces from Talador and Shadowmoon Valley, the arakkoa had run out of options. Although unified, their numbers were still few after their civil war and the subsequent invasion of the Burning Legion, not to mention their resources were limited just to the Spires of Arak.

  • When all seemed lost as the Lightbound army made their final push into Arak, an unlikely ally came from the heavens to assist them. K’ara, the naaru reborn in the light from Velen’s sacrifice had defected from the Light Mother, stating that the Light Father A’dal would never sanction such a crusade against the free will of mortals. K’ara further explained that the creators of the naaru, Solmir (An’she) and Elune (Mu’sha) had a schism in their ideologies. While Solmir saw the Void as an enemy that required the Light to battle it to maintain the cosmic cycle, Elune saw that there could be a balance and harmony achieved between the two cosmic forces without dragging mortals into an unnecessary and unending war for all eternity. The Light and the Void required each other to exist, so there wasn’t a need for conflict when there already existed a synergistic duality. Elune embraced that duality, but Solmir felt that the Light and the Void should remain as separate as possible and that their naaru children should reject their darker nature and avoid that part of their life cycle. This schism between the two gods reflected in their prime naaru children. Xe’ra sided with Solmir’s ideology, while A’dal sided with Elune. Seeing their views were more aligned with Elune, the Arakkoa decided to accept K’ara’s help to escape the Lightbound.

  • When the Lightbound made their final push into Spires of Arak, bringing the firepower of the Xenedar, the arakkoa were prepared. The children of the Apexis had already went to work repairing the Breath of Rukhmar a long time ago, augmenting the device with Apexis crystals empowered by the Ravenspeakers to synchronize Arcane and Void magics to the Light magic already inherent in the artifacts. To show her intentions were pure, K’ara helped restore Anzu’s ability to fly as well give the cursed arakkoa a portion of their flying ability. The naaru also helped in the summoning ritual to bring Terokk back into the physical plane and removing the taint of Sethe in the process. With their Talon King returned, Raven God back in the skies, naaru blessing their troops, and defense weapon system back up and running, the arakkoa were poised to put up one hell of a fight.

  • The children of the Apexis hadn’t been this strong in thousands of years, but it was still not enough to hold back the tide of the Lightbound’s numbers. Yrel confronted K’ara, while Terokk sounded a call to retreat. K’ara said that Velen would not have sanctioned such an inquisition and would not have passed on the leadership position to Yrel if he knew the Light Mother would have forced the Light on the people of Draenor. K’ara continued that by Yrel attacking her and the arakkoa, it made Velen’s sacrifice to save the naaru meaningless. Unfortunately, at this point it appeared that the Light Mother had brainwashed the High Exarch seemingly to the point of no return. While K’ara had given some ability for flight to the cursed arakkoa, it was not enough for them to take to the skies to escape the Spires of Arak. Anzu, Ka’alu, and the rest of the dread ravens had to carry Terokk and the cursed arakkoa while Dawn-Seekers Krisek and Kirrik, as well as the majority of high arakkoa, stayed behind to fend off the attackers in their Warframes. Krisek and Kirrik charged the Breath of Rukhmar and were able to shoot down the Xenedar, which crashed in Nagrand right on top of Oshu’gun. With K’ara leading the survivors, they flew to the only known place in the world not touched by the Lightbound: Farahlon.

  • Vowing to later find the arakkoa wherever they went in retaliation for destroying their vessel, the Lightbound under the instruction of Xe’ra had started a world-wide search to gather the Ata’mal crystals not already accounted for. Since the Light Mother was one of the original naaru that came into existence in the beginning of the universe’s creation, she was aware of the existence of the extra-planar being known as Murmur and had sensed his echo on Draenor. Being the primordial essence of sound, Murmur had immense power that Xe’ra had intended on harnessing to greatly amplify her song of Holy Light to purify the whole of Draenor. She had intended on bringing the “Destroyer of Worlds” under her thrall using the power of the complete Ata’mal crystal. The Lightbound were successful in gathering all seven of the Ata’mal crystal shards and summoned the primordial elemental to the physical plane. Unfortunately, Murmur grew too powerful to control the closer he came into full manifestation, so Xe’ra and the Lightbound instead used the Ata’mal crystal to focus his primordial essence into the Light Mother for her to incorporate into her being. They were ultimately successful, and Xe’ra’s form drastically changed to reflect features of the extra-planar being she absorbed. She immediately went to work to reverberate her song of Holy Light throughout Draenor, using the planet’s spirit energy to rapidly construct a new dimensional ship out of the wreckage of the Xenedar and Oshu’gun in Nagrand, so the Lightbound could once again travel to new worlds throughout the cosmos to purify them in Holy Light.

  • Meanwhile, on the other side of Draenor, the botani of Farahlon along with their other Primal cousins the podlings had tamed and assimilated the Zangar fungal encroachments all over the world, which also changed their physical forms and biology. United, the Primals had begun trying to bring back the Evergrowth hivemind through a Sporemound they had communally created by combining the fossilized remains of Botaan underneath Farahlon and the fungal network growing power of the fungal giants, the former they had respectively renamed Farah. Although Farah was not as large and powerful as its Sporemound ancestors it could still sense that the world was gradually dying all around them and had resolved to restore the biome of Draenor. Unlike its progenitors, Farah didn’t wish to consume all the life-force on the planet, valuing biodiversity and respecting the free will and individuality of creatures both within and outside of the Evergrowth. The Sporemound sensed that the cosmic force of Light was throwing the world out of balance, burning all the life-force in the planet, and it started preparing its Primal stewards for battle against the alien force that commanded this cosmic power.

  • Shortly after the Lightbound attacked the arrakoa, they led a force that swept the face of continent that eventually pushed into Gorgrond, looking to either indoctrinate or eliminate the Mag’har as well. While the Lightbound were making war with the Mag’har of Hellsreach Citadel, the isolationist tribe of Mok’Nathal had kept out of the eyes of the world by hiding in the region of Gorgrond that used to be the Everbloom Wilds. They had been engaging in skirmishes with the Saberon tribes, fighting over the last dwindling resources in the region. Leoroxx was intending on leading his clan to Tanaan Jungle to find new resources in the more lush region, but was intercepted by his estranged son Rexxar. Rexxar informed him that the Lightbound had swept through the rest of Draenor and had recently killed Grommash Hellscream of the Mag’har nearby in Hellsreach Citadel, blocking off any kind of path to Tanaan Jungle. Their only option was to head north to escape the Lightbound with a commandeered ship in Iron Docks near Blackrock Foundry.

  • The saberon tribes were blocking the Mok’Nathal’s path to the Blackrock Foundry, so Leoroxx called upon the wolf god Goldrinn to lend his strength to break through their ranks and move swiftly to the Iron Docks. Miraculously, Goldrinn answered the call, leading a pack of worgs to drive away the saberon to clear the Mok’Nathal’s path towards the docks. As Goldrinn and the Mok’Nathal were rushing through the docks towards the closest vessel they could find, Yrel and her Lighbound were in pursuit of the clan. Rexxar knew that the only way his clan was going to escape was if he stayed behind to fend off the attackers, so he made the ultimate sacrifice and held his ground with some of Goldrinn’s children, attempting to plea to Yrel’s compassionate nature. He reminded her of the time they fought together to defeat the Iron Horde in Gorgrond and that the path she was on was not staying true to the draenei he used to know. Having already rejected K’ara, it was clear that Yrel’s indoctrination by the Light Mother had blinded her and held too much of a sway over her mind. As the Mok’Nathal were leaving the docks, Leoroxx could see the High Exarch strike down his son. Deep sorrow and rage filled his heart as he realized he had scorned Rexxar for helping outsiders in the past, and now he would never get the chance to reconcile with his son.

  • Some time later, both the Mok’Nathal and the arakkoa had settled in the wilds of Farahlon, where they had encountered many races that were trying to flee the Lightbound, the most numerous being the botani. At first the botani retaliated, fearing the invaders were looking to steal their home and destroy their Sporemound. The Lightbound eventually found Farahlon and started their invasion of island. When Xe’ra’s forces closed in around them, Leoroxx and Terokk noticed that the Lightbound’s forms had changed drastically, reflecting even more the image of their Light Mother. Exarch Hellscream and Yrel were just about to attack Farahlon’s inhabitants when suddenly swirling nether-energies encompassed the entire island. An explosion of magic erupted from K’ara, who had placed herself between the Lightbound and the rest of the races on Farahlon. K’ara had swirling void energy entangled with her radiant light, dancing in harmony and intensity around her form. All around them they noticed structures dotting the landscape, including massive forges that were cycling nether energies from the sky, which was now altered with swirling magics. Also, Leoroxx and Dawn-Seeker Rilak both collapsed, having a flood of memories of a life they never lived pour into their minds. Leoroxx specifically was overwhelmed with emotion when he was relieved he would potentially get another opportunity to see his son again. Goldrinn and Anzu also had memories flood their thoughts, feeling once again a connection to the Emerald Dream on Azeroth that they had lost long ago when the ethereal realm was destabilized during the war between Shul-Nagruth and the Azotha on AU Azeroth.

  • The Chronal Convergence had just come to Draenor, merging the landmasses of Outland and Draenor together, subsequently combining the souls of its respective denizens that were alive in both timelines. Leoroxx and Rilak were confused about what had happened, but K’ara peered into the Twisting Nether and realized that a Chronal Convergence had occurred not only on Draenor, but on the distant planet where the Convergence had originated: Azeroth. Yrel and Exarch Hellscream were stunned in confusion, but shortly they righted themselves and continued their crusade. The Mok’Nathal and arakkoa split their paths into different directions, while K’ara stayed to slow the Lightbound’s pursuit. Eventually the Mok’Nathal were intercepted by an adventuring youth named Salandria (now a teenager in paladin gear), who took them to a contingent of Scryer blood elves led by Voren’thal the Seer that were performing repairs on what was Netherstorm’s Manaforges. Respectively, the arakkoa happened upon the young shaman Dornaa, who lead them to the Aldor draenei led by High Priestess Ishanah that were doing their own repair work on the Manaforges. Leoroxx and Dawn-Seeker Rilak were now already familiar with the Aldor and Scryers and offered to help them with their Manaforge repairs if they assisted the Mok’Nathal and arakkoa with repelling the Lightbound invaders and get to safety. Apparently an all out war had erupted all around Draenor when the Chronal Convergence came to completion, as the Lightbound forces immediately found themselves surrounded by Mag’har, draenei, blood elves, and ethereals. A’dal immediately became aware of the X’era’s presence and commanded the denizens of what was formally Outland to resist the indoctrination of the Light Mother and her Lightbound followers.

  • The Aldor and Scryers led the Mok’Nathal and arakkoa forces to Tempest keep, which was currently situated at the surface of the now materialized surrounding sea. There they were greeted by K’ara, who informed the two races that the Lightbound had since retreated back to the Light Mother when she called for them to return in a thunderous song that reverberated all throughout Draenor. K’ara offered the two races an opportunity to repay the Blood Elves and Draenei that had helped them by assisting the Horde and Alliance on Azeroth. K’ara sensed that there was a monstrously dark presence there (Shul-Nagruth) that threatened the well being of both Azeroth and Draenor if left unchecked. Goldrinn and Anzu could sense that the Emerald Dream was currently being assaulted by this Old God, and because Azeroth was permanently linked to this world, Draenor would no longer be a safe place for the Mok’Nathal and arakkoa to hide. Terokk and Leoroxx woefully saw the bigger picture, and decided that the noblest thing they could do was help the Azerothians. Both Salandria and Dornaa requested that they accompany the Mok’Nathal and the arakkoa to Azeroth, offering to introduce them to their respective mentors: Lady Liadrin and Nobundo. The naaru opened two portals to Silvermoon and the Exodar where to two races met with the faction leaders to offer their help in the coming conflict.

  • Having completed the repairs to the newly constructed Genedar using salvaged parts from the Xenedar inter-dimensional ship, Xe’ra could also sense that Azeroth was currently being infected by an Old God more powerful than she had ever encountered. This was alarming because this planet also had a world-soul that, if corrupted, could be used to tip the balance between the Light and Void. She had no desire to continue skirmishes with the races of Draenor, who were under the patronage of her estranged kin, the Light Father A’dal; so she made her new mission to take her crusade to Azeroth to bolster her Lightbound army and purify the planet, ultimately taking out this parasitic menace. She had recalled her Lightbound forces to board the Genedar and use its inter-dimensional capabilities to travel to Azeroth to deliver her divine song. The Genedar left Draenor to travel through the Twisting Nether to Azeroth, flying towards the continent of Azrador to begin the Light Mother’s crusade.


Hero Class:

Tinker (Ranged DPS, Healing, and Tank specs)

Starting Zone: Mechagon

-The groundwork for this class fantasy is already being set up in he Dazar’alor raid, Island Expeditions, and likely the upcoming Mechagon dungeon/zone.


Faction Hubs:

Revamped Silvermoon and Exodar (as well as their starting zones to catch up to the Cataclysm timeline.)


Enemy Factions:

Titanborne (titan-forged):

Race– Azotha/Elemental Golems/Watchers

Capital– Uldaeron (9.0 Tier 1 Raid)

Leader– God-King Arthas/Magna Aegwynn/High Animancer Gorak Tul

Deity– Tyr/Loken/Archaedas


Race– Draenei/Orc/Half-Breed/Ogre

Capital– Genedar (9.1 Tier 1 Raid)

Leader– High Exarch Yrel/Exarch Hellscream/Exarch Maulgar

Deity– Xe’ra, the Light Mother (Murmur absorbed)

The Black Empire:

Race– Aqir/N’raqi

Capital– Azj’Aqir (9.2 Tier 2 Raid)

Leader– Empress Azhuul’Mehab

Deity– Shul-Nagruth (absorbed other Old Gods)

Chromatic Order: Chronal Isle (floating in the Twisting Nether)

Race– Chromatic Dragonflight/Black Empire

Capital– Chronal Spire (9.3 Tier 3 Final Raid)

Leader– Xal’atath

FINAL BOSS– Chromatus


(This patch will also focus around lore surrounding the ethereals and the Constellar, as well as the latter’s connection to the Twisting Nether and their origins. I’ll likely expand on this later.)


Allied Faction:

Draconian Confederacy:

Merithra and Itharius – Green

Wrathion and Ebonhorn – Black

Chronormu and Nozdormu – Bronze

Kalecgos and Haleh – Blue

Alexstrasza and Torastrasza – Red


Notable characters in the Lightbound army:

Ogres – Turok, Tormmok, High King Maulgar, Krol

Orcs – Griselda Blackhand (wielding the kamas from the now deceased Exarch Akama), Broxigar Saurfang the Red, Exarch Hellscream (wielding Gorehowl), Exarch Draka

Half-breed – Lantresor of the Blade

Draenei – High Exarch Yrel, Exarch Naielle, Exarch Maladaar, Exarch (Grand Artificer) Andren


I’ll keep adding things to the OP such as story content for the respective patches as well as other expansion features and anything else that seems appropriate. Any feedback would be appreciated!