Announces Grants of More Than $1.4 Million to 15 Nonprofits

News Feed Item Announces Grants of More Than $1.4 Million to 15 Nonprofits

(NYSE: TWLO), the leading cloud communications platform, today announced
that the company’s social impact arm –
– has awarded more than $1.4 million to 15 nonprofits, its largest grant
round to date. These grants were made through the
Impact Fund
, which has awarded more than $3 million to social impact
organizations in the past year. These grants are possible through
Twilio’s commitment to allocate 1% of its equity as part of the
Pledge 1% initiative
to support social impact.

“Through the Impact Fund, we’re proud to help nonprofits and
social enterprises working on a wide array of issues realize the power
of communications to enhance their impact,” said Erin Reilly, Vice
President of Social Impact and General Manager of “With
these grants, we want to empower more organizations who are using
technology to deliver critical resources and support to the communities
they serve.”

The organizations that have received grants include:

  • Benefits
    Data Trust
    helps people live healthier, more independent lives
    by creating smarter ways to access essential benefits and services.
    With the funds, Benefits Data Trust will expand its SMS engagement to
    serve more beneficiaries with greater efficiency and convenience,
    improving quality of life and reducing long-term healthcare costs.
  • CommunityConnect
    provides high quality and affordable tools for government
    and service providers to reach low-income and hard-to-engage
    individuals. With the help of the Twilio Impact Fund, CommunityConnect
    Labs will educate, motivate, and activate low-income, immigrant,
    minority and other underserved groups to participate in the
    2020 Census, a decennial process that influences $700 billion of
    federal funding.
  • DoSomething
    is the largest tech organization focused on activating young people to
    make positive change both online and offline through campaigns that
    make an impact. DoSomething received its first grant last
    fall as it helped underrepresented voter populations participate in
    the 2018 midterm elections. With this new grant, DoSomething will
    build on their expertise in digital activation to engage youth with
    DoSomething Clubs, a new initiative in high school and college
    campuses nationwide.
  • Kiva
    is an international nonprofit that expands financial access to help
    underserved communities thrive. With the funds, Kiva plans to expand
    access to capital to low-income entrepreneurs across the United States.
  • MindRight
    is a tech nonprofit that empowers youth of color to heal from trauma
    from systemic oppression, including structural violence, poverty, and
    discrimination. MindRight provides personalized mental health support
    over text message. The grant from will help MindRight grow
    the number of students receiving its text-based coaching program.
  • Partnership
    for Drug-Free Kids
    , which has recently merged with Center on
    Addiction, provides families with the tools they need to take
    effective action for their child’s addiction. Funding will be used to
    expand the usage and reach of communications tools providing opioid
    prevention and recovery resources to youth and families across the US.
  • Streetwide
    built and manages Detention Lifeline, a first of its kind call center
    and CRM dedicated to immigrants and asylum seekers currently
    imprisoned in detention facilities. Streetwide plans to use the funds
    to expand the number of immigrants and asylees receiving support
    through their newly established national hotline.
  • TalkingPoints
    unlocks the potential of all families to support their children’s
    learning by meaningfully connecting them with their school communities
    through two-way translated messages and support, especially in
    underserved, diverse communities. Their grant support will be used to
    expand the reach of their student, parent and educator engagement
  • Tarjimly
    is a tech nonprofit committed to improving the lives of the world’s 23
    million refugees by eliminating language barriers.’s
    funding will enable Tarjimly to successfully launch an independent
    mobile app that engages a growing number of volunteers over voice,
    text, chat, and video.
  • Law
    Centres Network
    defends the legal rights of people who
    cannot afford a lawyer.’s support will be used to help
    scale the Law Centres Network’s SMS support to clients from
    disadvantaged communities in the UK.

Each of these recipients are using innovative communications strategies
that make it easier, faster, and more affordable for organizations to
connect with the people they serve.

As a company built by developers, for developers, Twilio believes in the
power of a diverse set of voices to create the technologies that will
shape the future. To help increase diversity in the tech industry, is also funding the following organizations that provide
technical training and career development to adults from
underrepresented backgrounds seeking to join the field:

  • Inclusion
    seeks to empower underserved communities through coding programs.
  • Hack
    the Hood
    introduces members of under-resourced communities of
    color to careers in tech.
  • Lesbians
    Who Tech + Allies
    is the largest LGBTQ technology
    community in the world — committed to visibility, intersectionality,
    and changing the face of technology.
  • Douar
    aims to provide technological skills training to rural
    communities in Morocco.
    a project of Oakland
    , is dedicated to bridging the tech gap for
    underrepresented communities.

For more information on the Impact Fund, visit

About works with nonprofits and social enterprises to fuel
communications that give hope, power and freedom. By connecting social
impact organizations, passionate software developers and the full power
of the Twilio platform, ignites positive change on a local
and global scale. To date, more than 3,000 charities and nonprofits have
used Twilio to send more than a billion messages for good.

About Twilio

Millions of developers around the world have used Twilio to unlock the
magic of communications to improve any human experience. Twilio has
democratized communications channels like voice, text, chat, video and
email by virtualizing the world’s communications infrastructure through
APIs that are simple enough for any developer to use, yet robust enough
to power the world’s most demanding applications. By making
communications a part of every software developer’s toolkit, Twilio is
enabling innovators across every industry — from emerging leaders to the
world’s largest organizations — to reinvent how companies engage with
their customers.

Published February 7, 2019

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